Toe Fungus Explained

When you have a toe fungus, you will notice that your toenail may become yellow in color or it can have white spotted areas. The edges of your nails will become weak and thick. At times, there is a painful sensation that can cause disturbance and suffering for the person who is infected with toe fungus.

This problem happens once the fungi invade your toe nails. The toenail infection typically begins with one nail and then the remaining toe nails will be contaminated with toe fungus as well. This infection could be treated using the different antibacterial medicines out there but the infection caused by the fungus may just reoccur.

What are the Symptoms of Toe Fungus Infection?

When a toe fungus invades your nails, you will experience the following symptoms:

  • Yellow or white spots on the nails
  • Fragile and damaged nails
  • Thickened and distorted nails
  • Pain
  • Foul smelling odor

At times, when the infected nails detaches from its bed, this will cause unpleasant odor. Open nail bed could acquire complications since it is prone to possible bacterial invasion. When you have these signs, then you have to consult a doctor to get immediate treatment.

Toe Fungus

Where Can I Get the Toe Fungus?

Toenail infection is actually caused by fungus that you can get in certain places like public shower rooms and swimming pools. These microorganisms can enter your toe nails when they have damages or there is a wound near them. Toe fungus lives in warm, hydrated and dark places and they are typically productive if you wear tight shoes and socks.

Who is More Susceptible to Toe Fungus?

Older people are those who are more prone to have toe nail infection since they have thicker nails while they have poor blood circulation. Also those people who usually walk in watery areas without any footwear like pools or showers including those who work inside a moist and hot areas. In addition, those people who have psoriasis and athlete’s foot are also prone to have toe fungus. Wearing non-breathable socks or shoes could also cause toe nail fungal infection. Poor circulation and body immunity could also trigger the infection. These factors might promote higher risk to toe nail infection.

What Treatments Can Used in the Infection Caused by Toe Fungus?

There are various treatments and drugs used to cure toe fungus. Your physician may prescribe medicines that you can take orally and it will uphold new nail development for some serious cases and high risk factors like diabetes and immune suppression. If your nail is infected with toe fungus, you may also use topical treatments like fungal cream, nail polish as well as foot sprays. You could also buy this even without prescription.

Toe Fungus Info

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