Hydrogen Peroxide for Toenail Fungus

Most people have never thought of using Hydrogen Peroxide for Toenail Fungus. Hydrogen Peroxide has various properties that make it ideal for treating fungal infections. These properties include the ability to act as a disinfectant, anti-sceptic and bleaching agent. If you are going to consider trying the supermarket brand bottle it generally consists of 3% concentration.

Many people recommend the use of Hydrogen peroxide as an effective treatment for nail fungal infections due to its natural of its anti-fungal properties. The Hydrogen peroxide should come as a pale blue colored liquid and has strong oxidizing properties. It is often referred to as the oxidative therapy.

The problem with using this therapy is that for the solution to work it need to reach the Hydrogen Peroxide for Toenail Fungusnail bed but this is prevented by the various layers of the nail. There are various methods for applying the solution; you can use a combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Use the different solutions on alternate days. Soak the infected nail for 5 minutes a day. If you feel that the 3% peroxide will irritate your skin you can distil using water. Never combine the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar into a single solution since together they create Peracetic acid. Peracetic acid is corrosive so could have adverse effects to your health.

For this treatment to be effective it must be continued on a daily basis and results will often appear within a month. If there is no improvement then consult a doctor. The final result will not appear until the nail grows out fully.

Alternatives to using Hydrogen Peroxide for Toenail Fungus

Although many people benefit from using the treatment for their fungal infection, not everyone has the same result. If this is the case there are loads of alternative home remedies that you can try. One of the most effective treatments is using a solution of tea tree oil for nail fungus to treat the infection.


If you choose to use hydrogen peroxide for toenail fungus treatment you should only use a solution that is 3% concentration. Remember, if the concentration is greater than 3% it can cause skin irritation.


Home remedies can be effective in treating toenail fungal infection but always consult your doctor before trying a treatment.

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